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KY for Better Sleep with Gabrielle

Overtime, life’s stresses pull us off balance and negatively impact our sleep at night, whether its chronic insomnia or once-in- awhile waking up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep. Not getting enough sleep affects our energy during the day, from productivity to mood – even meal choice. 

Come and enjoy a deeply relaxing Kundalini Yoga practice +  mediation +  gong healing  and gratitude to learn:

  • Kundalini Kriya for better sleep as taught by Yogi Bhajan 
  • Deep rest at any time you need
  • How to improve your quality of sleep

These weekly classes' overall aim will be to achieve better sleep. Each week, the focus will be working through underlying issues i.e. Fear, Anger, Boredom, Stress, Grief….through specific yoga postures (kriyas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and mantra meditations. 

Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome. Mats and blankets are provided; however, you may wish to bring your own meditation cushion, mat, a shawl and water. 

Investment: £10  

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