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If Life brings agitation - try Meditation... with Gabrielle

Learn to Meditate with breath (pranayama) and mantra contemplation. Meditation is the art of finding peace and happiness within by using simple methods of calming and stabilising our minds. Modern life can be stressful and busy. Most of the time we are carried along by the force of emotions, habits and conditioning and end up feeling tired and stressed by everyday life. Practicing meditation can change this. Meditation can help bring about a natural sense of peace and well-being that can extend to every aspect of our lives.

People who meditate regularly tend to sleep better, handle the ups and downs of daily life with more clarity and ease and relate to others with more compassion and warmth. Gain flexibility, strength and vitality, a calm mind and nourished soul. Come and join an uplifting Kundalini Yoga Class including a series of Yoga postures, breathing exercises and deeply relaxing Gong Meditation.

This class is suitable for all levels, beginners very welcome. Mats, cushions and blankets are provided, however you may wish to bring your own. please bring a bottle of water.

Investment: £10 per class

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