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Empower Your Life with Prembir Kaur

The classes on Wednesdays are dedicated to cleaning our house - body, mind & soul - so that we can thrive & shine our light.

We are going to do powerful kriyas and meditations to clean the subconscious mind and to remove stagnant emotional charge e.g. anger, fear, sadness, grief, anxiety, etc. When we are free of the emotional weight, we have more clarity, sense of power and we can be more intuitive and creative.

"We have been blessed as human beings with three facets – body, mind and soul. Soul is the highest self; body and mind are there to serve the soul. The only situation where we fail is when we start to serve either the body or the mind. When two servants start serving each other, the master goes hungry. That is why souls are hungry, souls are empty and souls are in pain. The purpose of life, the attitude of life, is to serve the soul." -Yogi Bhajan

Kriya + Relaxation with Gong sounds + Meditation.

Class offer: £70 for 10 class pass or drop in £10 per class

Contact: Prembir Kaur,, Mobile: 07503728528