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Kundalini Yoga for Detox with Mandev

8-week course on Kundalini Yoga & 3HO Yogic Lifestyle to support cleansing of body and mind.

In 2019 we celebrate 50-year anniversary of 3HO – Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization that from early beginnings of Kundalini Yoga in the West anchored yogic community in those three core values. Yogi Bhajan used to say that ‘’To be healthy, happy and holy is your birth right.’’. Yogi Bhajan understood and taught that good health and clean body is the base from which we can experience our Higher Self much easier. He would share countless kriyas that support body cleansing mechanisms hand in hand with natural remedies, recipes and yogic diets.

In this course we will practice kriyas for disease prevention, for cleansing internal organs, for lymphatic system and glands that are guardians of health. We will revisit early teachings for good tune up of digestive and elimination systems. We will master cleansing pranayamas and meditations to clear magnetic field and arcline. We will also explore classic 3HO recipes such as green diet, trinity roots, ayurvedic culinary herbs, as well as lifestyle techniques such as Ishnaan or self-massage.

Classes will be led by Mandev Kaur, Kundalini Yoga instructor, qualified naturopath and nutritionist, enthusiast of yogic lifestyle and dharmic living.

This course is suitable to all levels of experience. Beginners are welcome.

Investment: Classes can be taken individually (£10) or as 8-class course (£40 for 8 classes).

Further information:, 07713015330