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Prana & Apana balancing with Mandev Kaur

’Prana is the lifeforce interpreting every atom of your form and indeed the universe. Apana refers to the eliminative functions of the body. These functions operate at all levels, both gross and subtle to expel negative energy and waste. The kundalini will not awaken and rise until these two energies—prana (positive) and apana (negative)—are integrated and balanced in the Root Chakra. This pressure is required to raise the kundalini and cause its ascendance through sushmuna, also called the Silver Cord. ‘’- Yogi Bhajan. 

When prana and apana are in balance your energy levels are high and you recover quickly. In urban lifestyle strong and efficient apana is also the key to physical health and mental clarity.

In this course each class will touch on both forces in various contexts. You will learn how to reduce and eliminate waste efficiently. Each class you will learn different pranayama technique that can be applied in your daily life for increasing vitality and stress management. This course will also help you to improve your lung capacity, digestion and mental wellbeing.

Each class is complete and can be taken as drop-in class.

Beginners welcome.

Class offer: Drop-in class: £10, 8-week course: £56, 5-class flexible pass: £35 (valid on Thursday morning classes only, to be used until end of August)

Further information:, 07713015330