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Sadhna Series: 50 years of 3HO & Yogi Bhajan legacy with Mandev Kaur

Saturday Sadhanas Special Edition: 50 years of 3HO & Yogi Bhajan legacy

Saturdays 5.00am – 7.30am

August is the month when we celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday with 2,5 Long Ek Ong Kar Sadhana.

In 2019 we also celebrate 50 years of 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy organization). It is great opportunity to practice together vast arrays of teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

On Saturday Sadhanas in August we will explore morning Sadhana models that Yogi Bhajan shared across 1970s and 1980s. We will practice models of Sadhana that were introduced after 2,5 Long Ek Ong Kar Sadhana in a chronological order. Each Sadhana will be lead and explained according to KRI manual “Sadhana Guidelines”.

Join KY Southall Sangat for that experience. We welcome both long term practitioners, teachers and those new to Kundalini Yoga.

“It seems that on daily basis, when you do sadhana, nothing happens. But you don’t do it out of greed. You do it to conquer your laziness, your ego, your stupidity, with your essence of commitment. That’s all sadhana is. We don’t do it to get anything.” – Yogi Bhajan

For more details contact: Mandev 077 130 15330,

£5 donation