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A Pilgrimage to the Heart

“If you recite and apply Japji step by step, every problem not only can be solved, it can be dissolved. That's the power of Japji.” Yogi Bhajan

For the fourth year running, the intention is to gather in group consciousness and make a journey to the heart temple with the vibration of Jap Ji Sahib, the song of the soul. We will recite JapJi Sahib led by the feminine. Focus will be placed on heartfelt recitation with grace for any unintended mispronunciation. 

To attend PLEASE PRE-REGISTER BY EMAIL : and specify whether you will attend the full day, or drop in for a couple of hours. Men, women, and children are warmly welcomed to attend. Lunch will be served at 12.00pm,, fruit & herbal teas will be available all day. Bring a flask/spill proof cup for your beverages. Bring your copy of Jap Ji Sahib or download PDF here

Date: Sunday 10th Nov 2019

Time: 5.00am to 5.00pm 

Investment: £10  or what you can afford. All funds will be used to support the upkeep of KY Southall.