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Healing Inner Child with Kundalini Yoga - Throat Chakra with Prembir Kaur

The Process of Returning to Innocence

Interactive exercises - Kundalini Yoga - Gong Bath - Mantra Meditation

In this 3 hour workshop we will focus on opening, realigning and balancing the Throat Chakra which is a centre of self-expression, personal truth, integrity, purity and communication.

If we didn't have a safe way of self-expression in our childhood, the Throat chakra may go out of alignment on physical, emotional and mental levels, which can be seen in a variety of symptoms, e.g. thyroid imbalance, social anxiety, shyness, insecurity, fear of speaking up, gossiping, overly critical, arrogance, inability to listen.

What is Inner Child?

We all have 'Inner Child' within us regardless of our current age. The Inner Child is our inner voice, inner truth, purity and innocence. The qualities of this aspect within us are the joy of creating, playfulness, sensitivity, curiosity & wonder. In a more practical sense it is our emotional body or emotional intelligence. A child between 0-3 years understands and communicates with the world through a felt perception ('the gut feeling'), rather than spoken language. When a child's needs are repeatedly not met or when there is a lot of distress without resolution, the child may feel unloved, unwanted or unimportant and this may eventually transform in a developmental trauma of rejection, abandonment or loss. Such deep woundings happen very often in a child's psyche on a subconscious level, which often are revealed 'silently' in an adulthood in all types of relationships (romantic, family, work, friends,etc.) Thus tapping into our emotions, by listening to them, feeling them fully and being present is crucial when we step into the journey of healing the Inner Child that wants to be accepted and integrated.

"Anything that is 'wrong' with you began as a survival mechanism in childhood" - Dr Gabor Mate

What will we do?

The Inner Child workshops involves not only doing Yoga and Meditation, but we also practise in pairs and groups conscious communication, listening to our own & others truths, emotions and feelings. This combination allows the group to open up, connect, integrate & heal.


Investment: £20 per person until 20th Sept, after £30

Please book your space by sending email or message and pay on arrival:

text: 07503728528, email:


The group is limited to 10 participants.

Please secure your space asap.