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Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday with KY Southall

Every year all around the world the KY community celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s birthday. We reflect and celebrate how Yogi Bhajan’s teachings have enriched and transformed our lives personally and collectively.

On his birthday 26th Aug we will gather at KY Southall to chant Long Ek Ong Kaars for 2.5 hours led by the KY Southall community. If you haven’t experienced this sadhna before, this is a perfect opportunity to come together and chant in gratitude for all the priceless wisdom he shared with us.

“Chant from the navel in a 2 1/2 breath cycle. Ek Ong Kaar – Sat Naam Siree – Wah-hay Guroo. Each sound vibrates and integrates a different chakra within the aura. Ek is very short, as when we split the atom, releasing a humongous amount of energy from the first chakra. Ong is vibrated from the second chakra, resonating through the nostrils to experience the conch of the third eye. Kaar is vibrated from the navel. Take another deep inhale and chant Sat Naam SireeSat is short, coming abruptly from the navel, pulling up the diaphragm. Naam is very long and resonates through the heart. Siree is the greatest of all powers, the Shakti, and is chanted with the last bit of breath. It is pulled from the navel and up through the neck lock. Then take a short breath and chant Wah-hay GurooWah-hay and Guroo are released through the top of the head.

“Through this meditation you will master the power of prana, Pavan Siddhi, until the breath of life becomes your own. It will give you the power of Vac Siddhi, the power of speech. What you say with the breath shall happen. It is hard labor. Do this Jaap, repeating it again and again until you reach 1/10th of the day: 2 1/2 hours. Your faces will be bright and beautiful and you will settle the accounts of everyone you know.” -Yogi Bhajan

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